Drop Shipping is about mitigating the workload and risk associated with running your boutique. It allows you to purchase products AFTER you have sold them to your retail customer and we will ship  the products directly to your customer for you.  This reduces your risk by eliminating left over or dead inventory and saves you a significant amount of time.

To make your life even easier, here at Breakers Wholesale, we utilize a Shopify app called Synclogic which allows our products to be pushed directly to your Shopify account.  When products are pushed over to your shop it will include our product descriptions, vendor information, pictures, sizing recommendations, and more!  Once you make a sale you will come to Breakers Wholesale and place an order for the sold items with the shipping name and address of your customer.  We will then ship the items directly to your customer for you!  

In order to connect directly to Breakers Wholesale select the appropriate device option below for detailed instructions.

iPhone Instructions: HERE

PC Instructions: HERE

If you use Comment Sold, you can utilize the syncing capabilities through Shopify and Comment Sold, OR you can manually add and update our products directly to your Comment Sold account. Click HERE for additional information.

To enhance your experience we also offer Return Label Service, which changes the return address from Breakers Wholesale to your boutique name and address.  This reduces confusion and presents a more cohesive shop to your customers.  We also offer VIP Status which would give you 10% off all orders in addition to our tiered pricing model!  To learn more about these enhancements click: HERE.

For a Premium Full Drop Shipping Service check out our affiliated partner, Boutique Tree.  Boutique Tree offers a single daily consolidated invoice, two weekly product launches with full size runs, automatic syncing of order data including shipping name and address, return label service, and much more to provide the highest quality Drop Shipping service available. For more information click: HERE.

No matter where you are in your boutique journey we have a service to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a premium full service option through Boutique Tree or a basic set up with value add enhancements through Breakers Wholesale, we have you covered!